Psychill producer from Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands with a very deep passion for this genre for a very long time. The music is ranging from ambient to deep psychedelic full of layers and detail, often blended with some orchestral/fairytale influences. An endless quest for pushing the borders of psychedelic music.

Released 3 albums independently and several tracks on labels like:

Mystic Sound Records
Visionary Shamanics Records
Random Records
Synchronous Recording
Badgers Records

Upcoming gigs:
– 19 oktober 2019 – This is Psychedelic (Amsterdam Dance Event)
– 26 december 2019 – The Christmas Cuckoo 2019
– 12 june 2020 – Universal Minds
– 15 july 2020 – Living Village

For Bookings / Remixes / Collaborations: taktyle@taktyle-music.com

Name: Eelco van Westen
Soundcloud: @taktyle
Facebook: www.facebook.com/taktylemusic
Bandcamp: taktyle.bandcamp.com