Psychill / Psydub producer from Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands with a very strong passion for the psychedelic electronica genre for a very long time. Ranging from ambient, dub to deep psychedelic full of layers and detail, often blended with some orchestral/fairytale influences. An endless quest for pushing the borders of psychedelic music. 

Released 3 albums independently and several tracks on labels like:

Mystic Sound Records
Visionary Shamanics Records
Random Records
Synchronous Recording
Badgers Records
Purple Hexagon Records
Minokawa records

Upcoming gigs:

– Machines Elves 21-4-2023
– Trance of the Buddha meets Chillhub 28-5-2023
– Back to the Roots 9-6-2023
– Solstice Kabouterhuis 16-6-2023
– Psylan 23-8-2023
– Machines Elves 21-10-2023
– Lets Goa! 4-11-2023

For Bookings / Remixes / Collaborations: taktyle@taktyle-music.com or hit me up on Facebook/Soundcloud.

Member of the Chill Hub collective www.chillhub.org 

Name: Eelco van Westen
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/taktyle
Facebook: www.facebook.com/taktylemusic
Bandcamp: taktyle.bandcamp.com